Hurricanes and Your Roof: A Calamity Waiting to Happen

Living in South Florida means beautiful tropical weather, attractive people, and lots of perfect areas fit for retirement. But, all this glamour comes at a price: hurricanes. The threat of a tropical storm or full-blown hurricane crashing your party is as real as it gets. We here at Advantage Roofing & Inspection know all too well the damage hurricane season brings. For the last twenty years we’ve perfected the craft of roof maintenance and repair; and we’d like to help you get ready for the inevitable.

Remember Hurricane Wilma?

In 2005 the destructive force of Wilma caught many Floridians off-guard. News reports claimed that as many as 80% of the population ignored mandatory evacuation orders. Some weather experts thought Wilma would degrade to a Category 1 before she reached the Florida coast. Talk about a bad day for that weather man! Cause, boy oh boy, was he wrong!
The Category 3 hurricane struck the cost with an angry fury. A terrifying storm surge crashed through southern Florida, high winds ripped the power grid to shreds and sent roofs flying—leaving people without electricity for weeks. Even the largest and strongest of buildings weren’t prepared to stand a chance against mighty Wilma.

In Broward County, office buildings such as One Financial Plaza, AutoNation Tower, Broward Financial Center, Broward County School Board building, and the Broward County Courthouse all suffered heavy damage from powerful winds. Wilma spawned eleven tornadoes that tore through Broward, Collier, Hardee, Highlands, Indian River, Okeechobee, and Polk Counties—leaving behind a wake of pain, suffering, and absolute shock and horror.

Wide Spread Roof Damage Was Common

From Naples to Fort Lauderdale, or air ports to high-rise condominiums and residential housing—Wilma’s strength destroyed unprepared roofs left and right! In the end, Wilma caused over twenty billion dollars in damage, directly killed thirty-five people, and killed another twenty-six Floridians indirectly.

Get Ready Now!

Waiting till the emergency sirens sound off isn’t a great idea. Ignoring south Florida’s hurricane past is an even worse idea. Hurricane season is here, and getting ready to rev up. Many weather experts are warning Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas are overdue for a serious high wind, out of control storm surge thrashing. So it’s high time you prepare your roof for the coming storm.

How Advantage Roofing & Inspection Can Help

We’ve operated in southern Florida for over twenty years, and know how to get your home ready for the coming disaster. We offer many services:

  • Roof Inspection
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Water Proofing

Get Inspected!

Replacing a roof after a major disaster can cost you an arm and a leg. Let our trained and highly qualified staff inspect your roof before the storm hits. An annual roof inspection is crucial to avoiding costly repairs and replacements. We can fix the small problems, WHILE their still small—cause if you wait, it’s guaranteed to evolve into a major, wallet draining issue.

The Bottom Line

Southern Florida is one of the best locations to live, work, raise a family, and retire. But, residents need to understand the serious, and potentially lethal (not to mention expensive!) risks of not taking the necessary hurricane precautions. Let us help you take the sting out of your wallet, and get your roof ready for hurricane season. The window is short, but it’s open now. Don’t wait, call us today!