Roof Repair and Maintenance

Keeping and maintaining a nice and reliable roof is less work than we might think. Having a minor leak or other issue that may be small today, could easily become a major costly issue if the proper maintenance and care is not practiced. We recommend having an inspection done twice year, in the spring and in the fall. This is to ensure that there are no potential problems or surprises that were created from our ever changing weather.


Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Living in South Florida means beautiful tropical weather, attractive people, and lots of perfect areas fit for retirement. But, all this glamour comes at a price: hurricanes. The threat of a tropical storm or full-blown hurricane crashing your party is as real as it gets. We here at Advantage Roofing & Inspection know all too well the damage hurricane season brings. For the last twenty years we’ve perfected the craft of roof maintenance and repair; and we’d like to help you get ready for the inevitable.