Many of the roofs in South Florida are flat. Since they are flat they require more attention to detail when being replaced. Here at Advantage Roofing & Inspection we have the knowledge and years of experience of installing flat roofs in the proper manner to assure long leak free flat roof systems. Some of the key factors that must be taken into consideration are, IS there proper drainage? Has the roof decking developed low spots where water may pond? Can these area’s be built up with roof insulation and corrected?

Other factors during the installation process is making sure that the correct flashing detail has been installed. Proper tie-in to the main slope roof has been created. If these steps have been taken during the flat roof installation typical life expectancy is a 15 plus years depending on how many inner layers of roofing are installed. Please call Advantage Roofing & Inspection for your free estimate when its time to replace your leaking flat roof.