Time for a new shingle roof? Let the experts at advantage Roofing & Inspection your Ft. Lauderdale roofing contractor give you a free estimate for your new shingle roof. We have been installing shingle roofs in South Florida for over 20 years. We can provide you with the knowledge you need to decide what type of shingle roof is right for your home. The most common type of shingles offered in the South Florida are Three-Tab Shingles (25 year manufacturer’s warranty) and Dimensional shingles (30 year manufactures warranty and lifetime) Three-Tab shingles are recommended on roofs where the slope is 3/12 or better, whereas Dimensional shingles are recommended on roofs with a slope steeper than 3/12. It is important that these factors are considered before choosing your next shingle roof. Here at Advantage Roofing & Inspection we make sure our customers have all the information needed to choose the roof that is right for their home.

Please visit our manufacturer’s link to see all the different types and colors of shingles offered to South Florida.