Too many tile roof leaks? Is it time to replace your tile roof?

Advantage Roofing & Inspection has been installing tile roofs as a Ft. Lauderdale roofing contractor since 1991. Tile roofs typically last about 25-30 years and are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, visit our manufactures link to view roof tiles available to South Florida. Tile roofs have a class A fire rating and perform well in high wind weather events. Here at Advantage Roofing & Inspection we focus on ways to improve some of the existing methods of tile roof installations to provide are customers with more life expectancy from their new tile roofs. By adding extra layers of roofing material in key areas that have a high potential of developing leaks later on in the life of a tile roof such as valleys, low slope areas and wall flashings. It is are years of experience and attention to detail that separate us from our competition. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best new tile roof offered in the South Florida area. So if you’re tired of having tile roof leaks call Advantage Roofing & Inspection your Ft. Lauderdale roofing contractor.