A great way to lower your summer energy bill and reduce future costs of roof maintenance is by renovating your roof with the newest technologies, or waterproofing, especially in South Florida, in areas such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the Palm Beaches where it is extremely high temperatures and your air conditioner is struggling to push out cool air. In 2014, more and more houses started to utilize a cool or waterproofed roof, which lowers your costs immensely. Cool roofs were invented to help sustain cooler household and commercial temperatures, due to its characteristic of reflecting the heat away from the property. Waterproofing is mainly used in this area, where coats of reflective paint are used to paint over the roof tiles/shingles. Another aspect of this besides painting a roof is placing plastic strips of waterproofing material over any type of roof that produces the same results.

Waterproofing your roof means less roof repairs and lower energy costs :

Studies have shown that solar-protected roofs create high savings for property owners, in terms of energy bills of the spring and summer seasons. The demand for cool roofs and roofs to be waterproofed are as high as 10 to 43 percent. This is the best option for anyone who lives in a state that has high and humid weather all year round or even a long rainy season, such as South Florida; Advantage Roofing & Inspection Inc. can provide these services with the highest knowledge in the roofing industry to you in order to protect your roof and/or property.

Surprisingly, by creating a cooling effect to your property, whether it be a commercial building, storefront, or your home; cool or waterproofed roofs maintain a lower local air temperature and allows cooler air to the air conditioning system, lowering your costs. If you have a commercial roof or industrial roof, waterproofing protects from further weather attacks such as raging hot summer temperatures, rain and a tropical storm. It prevents leaks and helps sustain the roof longer, as well as keeping your property a cooler temperature. Lastly, the benefits are massive, and include, cuts future expenses for roof maintenance, shields from UV rays, extends the life span, and provides immediate cool roofing and air conditioning savings, guaranteed.

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